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Why we’re right for you

Although happens to run an online panel, unlike many other companies we don’t pigeon hole projects to fit our preferred methodology. Not only are we mode-neutral, meaning we will put your project first and use the methodology that works best for you, but we have one of the largest global partner networks at our fingertips to ensure that we deliver the results that you need each and every time.

Beyond demographics – our sampling solution

At the heart of all our custom and omnibus projects is our unique sampling methodology.  This methodology combines highly profiled proprietary and partner sample with our bespoke cultural segmentation, utilising data and behavioural science to more accurately predict consumer behaviour than demographics alone.



Bespoke Services

Survey design and consultation

Our experienced research and sampling team can advise on the best way to design your survey.  We can make sure you engage in the best way with your audience and deliver the most accurate results.

Survey programming

We are committed to producing engaging, audience driven survey experiences. We can advise on the best methods to gather accurate and honest responses from the audience.

Data processing and reporting

Through our flexible data production solution we are able to provide a range of data deliverables.

  • Verbatim coding – using trusted coding providers
  • Tabulation – producing tabs to specification, including recoding, post tab and analysis
  • Online reporting – live reporting via our survey platform
  • Custom reports and data visualisation




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